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How to add Pruuf in Chrome?

Pruuf Extension in Chrome supports multiple text-area, and among others, are email such as Gmail and Yahoo Mail; Google Translate and others.

The Pruuf setup program installs the Pruuf extension for Chrome automatically. If it is not installed successfully or accidentally removed, you can add it manually as follows:​​​

  1. In Windows search, go to Pruuf folder, and choose “Get Pruuf Extension in Chrome Web Store”. Chrome Web Store will be opened in your web browser.
    Or, if this is the computer that you are using for Pruuf, click here to visit Chrome Web Store.

2. Click on “Add to Chrome” and “Add Pruuf” window will appear.


3. Click on “Add extension ” to add Pruuf extension.

add pruuf.png

4. A confirmation page will appear that verified Pruuf has been added to Chrome.

turn on sync.png

5. To activate Pruuf, click on the Pruuf icon on the top – right of the browser. “Pruuf floating-pane” will appear on your right with the list of spelling or grammatical errors and suggestions.


Example: Using Pruuf in Gmail


Example: Using Pruuf in Facebook


Example: Using Pruuf in Google Translate


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